Meet The Team: Our Story

The Cosack Team 

Once upon a time – Real Estate in Bucks County…

Kim, started in the real estate business in 1991, just a few years after she became a homeowner.

She used the first Realtor she spoke to, saw a total of 3 homes and made an offer.

She didn’t question the advice, the interest rate, the points etc.

She just assumed everyone was working on her behalf.

You know where this is going don’t you?

She paid more than was necessary at the time and her interest rate was 10.75% after paying three points to lower the rate. Talk about gullibility!

It wasn’t long after that she realized there was an opportunity here.

She couldn’t be the only person who needed guidance and education in this process.

As one of the biggest investments we make in a lifetime it’s scary enough, without having to look over your shoulder every step of the way.

So, she entered the world of real estate and each time she learned something, she thought about how it impacted the client.

What did she wish she had known at the time, what is the short term and long term effect of the decision being made?

What is the buyer looking for and what is the seller looking for and how can this process be made as stress free as possible for the client?

Luckily for me, she was my Realtor when I bought my first home. 

Just a year or so later, I became a Realtor and joined her in Newtown.

I had taken my Real Estate Courses at Temple University, while searching for my first home, and realized this would be the perfect job for me. 

Helping people during a monumental transition in their lives, that requires expert knowledge of our local real estate market, combined with strong negotiation skills and a personal touch spoke to me.

I was lucky to come into the business with a phenomenal mentor who also happens to be my Mom.

You see, we’ve always felt that information is power and we figured the better educated we made the client the easier the transaction became for them. 
Which is why our major focus has always been to act by our principles:

Treat every client the way you wished you had been treated.

Remember always that you are working on their behalf.

Understand their goals, their wants and their needs.

Share your knowledge, it’s what they need from you.

The truth, every step of the way… they deserve it.

After being in the business for over 17 years, & Kim for over 30 years, we still love educating our clients so they feel empowered to make wise decisions when it comes to buying, or selling not only their home, but one of their largest assets.

Today, we’re grateful to be helping homeowners in Lower & Central Bucks sell their homes for the optimal price, and  seamlessly transition from one home to the next.

If you are about to enter the real estate world in Bucks County, let us earn your TRUST… You deserve no less!

Dale & Kim

The Cosack Team