Nova & The Homeless Shelter

Giving Back

Bucks County Homeless Shelter

...Most people think Bucks County, covered bridges and idyllic homes but not everyone in this county is fortunate to have a roof over their head. Could be for one of many reasons – lost a job, someone became ill and before they knew it they couldn’t pay rent or mortgage and they lost their home. Did you know that the shelter in Levittown houses 70+ people on any given day of the year. A bigger surprise to most is that nearly half of that number is made up of children under the age of 15. We are in the business of helping people put a roof over their head and realize the American dream of home ownership. We felt it was a natural balance for us to put our donation dollars to work helping those without a roof over their head.

Dale has been volunteering in the shelter's kitchen every Monday since 2010 and we are happy to say that most Mondays he has a check or two to deliver. For every referral we receive we donate $100.00 to the Homeless Shelter and this year we will up the ante. For every settlement we make they will receive $100.00 more. We encourage referrals via our newsletter but we are more than happy to encourage them here on the website too. If you would like to know how you can help, just call or email us.  Also lookout for our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.  Each year we fill an entire mini van, or more through the generosity of our family, friends & clients.

NOVA and Women’s Issues

We have hosted an annual Girl’s Garden Party for clients and friends for many years. After the first couple of times, we realized that this was a great venue to raise dollars for a good cause. Since the event is a girls only party we felt the money should go to help women where possible. Whatever we raise via a raffle - The Cosack Team matches, every bit helps!